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“Together” for us means empowering the JUSTROCKET community to be at its best:

we support open communication, deconstruct hierarchies, mentor the colleagues and encourage everyone to bring their ideas to the table. Thus we team up with people who want to constantly grow, support each other & deliver solutions that matter.

We really walk the talk: next to building products in partnership with the most promising scale-ups we also build own JR products.

Our Values

People define the environment

Everything we do is about people. The tools we build aim to make people’s lives easier and the way we work enables us to act as human beings: we have no strict hierarchies, we approach everyone’s ideas with an open mind and work in a friendly atmosphere that simply allows people to be there for each other.

Sharing empowers personal development

It is all about a continuous process: it is good to make mistakes, it is good to say “I don’t know”. We create an ecosystem that supports the learning curve and foster a direct feedback culture that helps us constantly improve. We offer direct mentoring, workshops, knowledge sharing tools and events.

Transparency establishes trust

We have a company culture that supports open communication and flow of information. Our monthly updates which showcase projects and ventures that are happening within the organization are one part of the overall transparency principles at JR.

Ownership drives commitment

At JUSTROCKET everyone is encouraged to take ownership. Our work processes allow people to see the details from top to bottom, so each member of the team is committed to the same goals and takes responsibility.

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With whom we partner up is defined by our core principle: matching values.

We work on a range of projects that you could hardly call boring: from well-funded early stage startups that kickstart on greenfield to the most promising scale-ups that have market-tested MVP and pilot users. We partner with only those who can commit to a long term relationship, who match our way of thinking about work and how it should be structured and are in line with our values.

exemplary project 01
Java, Spring (Boot), ReactJS (Hooks), SQL Database (Postgres), AWS automated Deployment
exemplary project 02
NodeJS, ReactJS, AWS
exemplary project 01
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How we work

We are always looking for people who want to constantly improve: to be on the front-line, accept challenges, and no matter where they start from, want to learn something every step along the way.

How we work

We are always looking for people who want to constantly improve: to be on the front-line, accept challenges, and no matter where they start from, want to learn something every step along the way.

Team before ego.

success is the result of teamwork and each individual is playing an instrumental role in this mission.

Long Term relationships.

we ask for commitment and we give commitment, this balance stands at the base of a good collaboration.

Flexible collaboration model.

employer contract, PFA or SRL basis – there is no difference when it comes to perks and benefits.

Perks & benefits

Hybrid work model

we support home office and remote work, but we also believe in the power of ideas when people are in the same room.

Professional and personal development

starts with a personalized onboarding process and continues with regular mentoring, participation at professional events and hackathons, access to books of your choice & online courses.

JR Community

Direct feedback and direct contact with your colleagues in peer reviews, regular HR talks, feedbacks and Friday 1on1s sessions, when team members have the chance to connect apart from daily operations.

Central Office

Our JUSTROCKET house with lots of space and a garden is the perfect oasis in the city center. Perfectly reachable by public transport, bike or car.

Events & Activities

regular team activities such as team buildings (yearly company offsite week), office lunches, basketball games, running challenges.

State of the Art Technologies

and using the hardware of your choice with all equipment provided by the company.

Competitive Salary

and offer paid vacation and national public holidays as well as sick leaves.


We have some extra benefits like private health insurance and a 7card membership.

Following our own principles, we are very open to address your personal needs at any time.

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We created our community house to support different work-styles. It serves as a regular meeting point for the JUSTROCKET team, while it is also an ideal place to organize events for the local tech-community.

Our open positions

This is

JUSTROCKET was founded in 2016 by a Romanian tech-addict and two German entrepreneurs, who came together to build digital products that transform businesses and industries on an international level.

Over the past years, we have built several tech teams for international customers in a close partnership, working on scalable infrastructures and products, transforming outdated technologies and processes – celebrating great successes with the platforms created.

All we do is build on the most important success factor in the digital world: people.

We have always remained true to our internal company code: “Good with people, problems and technology”.

We combine this principle with our many years of experience and a unique JUSTROCKET ecosystem. This creates professional and efficient product teams that, equipped with the right toolset and a scalable infrastructure, make the difference.

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